Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Best Tips for Having the Best Lawn

The yard, one of the most important aspects of owning a home. A yard is what makes a home aesthetically pleasing to both the homeowner and those that pass by the home. One of the most important factors to keep up yard maintenance is cutting the grass. To cut the grass with that nicely polished look, a lawn mower is a necessity.

Here are a few necessary tips on how to have the nicest looking yard in the neighborhood:

1.) Pick the lawn mower that best suits the yard
The first decision to be made is whether a push mower or a riding mower is more suitable for the yard. This all depends on both the size of the yard and also the time commitment that will be put in. Push mowers are more effective when dealing with the size of one and a half acres or less, whereas a riding mower is perfect for large yards that is too hard to manage with just a push mower. The next step is to look at pricing. Figure out a budget before purchasing a lawn mower. If one is looking for a cheaper yet effect lawn mower, a push mower may be what to look at.

2.) Tips on safety

Mowing the lawn is no joke. There is a sharp blade that is the reason why the grass looks so crisp after usage. Before even thinking of starting the lawn mower, read the manual and be sure to take note of all the warning labels on the lawn mower.

When cutting the grass, also be sure to wear the appropriate attire. This means long pants and closed toed-shoes. In addition to this, take off any loose clothing or any jewelry. This is important because this ensures that nothing will fall off and be destroyed by the lawn mower.

The motor is sensitive to large sticks and metal objects. To ensure safety, make sure to walk around to yard to look for large objects that could disrupt the lawn mower's path. When walking backwards with the lawn mower, be also aware of the mower itself. This means to be aware and careful that the blade will never come close to the ties.

Remember that mowing blades move at a speed of over 200 miles per hour. This means that nothing on one's body should ever be close to the blade.

3.) The best techniques for mowing the lawn
To ensure the lawn being aesthetically pleasing, there are many ways in which one can go about mowing the lawn. There is also different terrain to be aware of that should be kept in mind in order to change the technique in mowing. When mowing on hills, remember to maintain stability to keep the straight line of direction. On a push mower, move across the hill and on a riding mower, roll up and down the hill. Make sure to also use a medium speed when actually mowing. The high speed should be used when transporting the lawn mower to the mowing area. The low speed should be used when trimming the borders of the yard in addition to turning a corning with the law mower.

Provided above is a list of tips to keep in mind in order to ensure the best cut grass. Keep in mind the best lawn mower for the yard, safety, as well as the techniques for the actual mowing process. Choosing the proper lawn mower is choosing the an element that will make not only a home look aesthetically pleasing, but also a neighborhood.